Department of New York Encampment Proceedings

2021 Mid-Year Meeting

Meeting Minutes

138th Encampment, ZOOM,

May 15, 2021

Encampment Minutes




2020 Mid-Year Meeting

Meeting Minutes

137th Encampment, ZOOM,

June 6, 2020

Executive Summary

Encampment Minutes


2019 Mid-Year Meeting

Meeting Minutes

136th Encampment, Lake George, NY, May 18, 2019

Full Encampment Proceedings


135th Encampment, Rochester, NY, April 21, 2018

Executive Summary

Full Encampment Proceedings


134th Encampment, Ithaca, NY, May 6, 2017

Officer’s List 2016-2017, Minutes, Officer’s Reports, Committee Reports,
By-Law Changes, Department Orders, Camp Reports, Officer’s List 2017-2018

Officer Reports

Committee Reports, Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws

Department Orders, Camp Reports, Certification of Election and Installation of Department Officers


133rd Encampment, Suffern, NY, April 29-May 1, 2016

Summary, Minutes, Officers & Committees

Council, Officer & Committee Reports

Department Orders 1 thru 14

Department Orders 15 thru 28


Camp Reports


132nd Encampment, Saratoga Springs, NY, May 1-3, 2015

Introduction, Department Officers & Encampment Minutes

Officer’s Reports

Encampment Guide

Committee & Camp Reports

Department Orders

Council Report Part One

Council Report Part Two

Council Report Part Three

Council Report Part Four


131st Encampment, Rochester, NY, May 2-4, 2014

Minutes & Department Officer Reports

Committee Reports, Recommendations & Resolutions, By-Laws Proposals & By-Laws

Department Orders & Camp Reports

Council Report