Ad Form for Encampment Memorial Book

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                       MEMORIAL BOOK ORDER FORM

To all members of the Allied Orders of the Grand Army of the Republic,

Our annual memorial book is a way to commemorate your Civil War ancestor, a sister or brother who has passed on, your Tent’s or Camp’s milestones, honor a Tent, Camp, or Department officer, or send best wishes to a friend or fellow Allied Order Member. We need everyone’s support.

We are asking you to support this project by submitting ads to be included in the book. If you are able, send ad information as an attachment by e-mail as it is a big help for us to get them to the printer and to help minimize errors. Thank you for supplying us a copy of your ad this way when possible.

Ad orders can be sent by US Mail or email (preferred). If emailing, please send in word doc (please no pdf’s) and photos or artwork in jpg format.
The booklet will be in an 8.5″x5.5″ format when finished, printed in black and white.

Click here to Download the Form (FORM TO BE POSTED; CLOSER TO ENCAMPMENT)

Send this order form with check payable to Dept. of NY ASUVCW, along with artwork to:                           
                                   Hope Parker, PDP
                                   51 S Hamilton Street
                                   Jordan, NY 13080

The deadline for submission is April 1, 2024. (PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

Ad Costs


     Full Page $

     Half Page $

     Quarter Page $

     Booster (name only) $

     Shipping (if not attending encampment)  $


The Memory book will be given to all registered brothers and sisters at the encampment.
If you have purchased an ad but will not be attending the encampment, a book can be sent to you by including $2 for shipping and your mailing address.

Name: ________________________________________________________________

Phone:_____________________________  E-mail:_____________________________

Address (if shipping): ____________________________________________________