Raffle Fundraiser

137th NY Dept. Encampment SUVCW
June 6, 2020

Download Raffle Ticket Book here to Mail In

Raffle Prizes are the following:

$150 Cash Prize, $100 Cash Prize, $50 Cash Prize, 2 – $50 WalMart Gift Certificates

$150 cash prize, $100 cash, $50 cash, 2- $50 WalMart gift certificates

Book- “The Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant”, “The Pictorial Book 

of Anecdotes and Incidents of the Civil War”, Framed print “Winter Encampment”,

A Framed Print – “125th GAR Encampment”, A Basket of honey and bee products (no picture).

Other prizes may be added – Drawing – Saturday, June 6, 137th Encampment, Zoom Video Conferencing Call, June 6, 2020

$1 per ticket or $5 for 6 tickets – Make Checks payable to: “Dept. of NY SUVCW”

Mail to: 

SVC Darin Everdyke, PCC
4521 Wise Rd
Groveland, NY 14462

Any concerns or questions regarding raffle please email Bro. SVC Everdyke @ wiseacres1@frontiernet.net or call (585) 423-1889.