Department Orders

Dept. of NY SUVCW Commander’s Gavel






Department Orders 2023 – 2024

Department Commander Edward P. O’Brien, PCC

Department Order No. 1
Establishes DC O’Brien’s Headquarters

Department Order No. 1R
Corrects an e-mail error.

Department Order No. 2
Awards presented at Department encampment and banquet.

Department Order No. 3
All Checks and Cash turned over to Department Treasurer at the Encampment on Saturday, May 6, 2023.

Department Order No. 4
Announces the Awards presented at Encampment and Treasurer’s Report.

Department Order No. 5
Appoints the Department Encampment Committee.

Department Order No. 6
Appoints the National Encampment Exploratory Committee.

Department Order No. 7
Requesting National Headquarters to revoke the Charter of the former Richard Clark Camp # 210 of Patchogue, NY.

Department Order No. 8
Appoints Constitution and Regulations Committee for 2024 Dept. Encampment.

Department Order No. 9
Appoints Credentials Committee for 2024 Dept. Encampment.

Department Order No. 10
Appoints Resolutions Committee for 2024 Dept. Encampment.

Department Communications

Department Communication No. 1
Regarding Funds from the raffle ticket fundraiser.

Department Communication No. 2
Announces effective May 2024, Brother Bob Pugsley,PDC will be leaving the office of NY Department Secretary.

Department Communication No. 3
Commander’s report for the Department of NY at 2023 National SUVCW Encampment, Nashua, NH.

Department Communication No.4
Announces the 2023 Department Mid-Year meeting via ZOOM.

Department Communication No.5
National CofA reduces cost for Eagle Scout Certificate to $0.

Department Communication No.6
Reminds camps of upcoming important Form filing dates for 2023-2024. 
Note: Attached is the Camp Filing Dates PDF found on the National website, for your reference.

Department Communication No.7
Reinforcing Appeal for Donations, we have changed the way of doing fundraising and have moved to a direct donation letter.
Department 2024 Donation Letter

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