Department Orders

Dept. of NY SUVCW Commander’s Gavel


Department Orders 2019 – 2020

Department Commander Richard E. Straight





Department Order #1

Establishes Commander Straight’s command of the Department of New York, reports financial status, reflects his officer appointments, and speaks to the challenges before the department.

Department Order #2

Reinstates the Cpl. James Tanner Camp No. 134 of Cobleskill, NY

Department Order #3

Honoring Memorial Day, Encourages Brothers and Camps to observe Memorial Day on Traditional Memorial Day May 30th and on the Federally Observed Day of May 27th

Department Order #4

Reinstates the David G. Caywood Camp #146 of Ovid, NY

Department Order #5

Announces the Department Mid-Year Meeting Date and Venue

Department Communication

Announces the Change of Venue of  the Department Encampment and Announcement of Encampment being by Tele-Web conference via Zoom 

Department Order #6

Announces the Cancellation of the venue for the 137th Department Encampment and scheduling of the Encampment via Zoom video communication and other details regarding the encampment.

Department Order #7

Suspends the Col. John B. Weber Camp #44 for failure to submit their reports on time as of April 30, 2020.

Department Order #8

Reinstates the Col. John B. Weber Camp #44. 

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