Department Orders

Dept. of NY SUVCW Commander’s Gavel






Department Orders 2023 – 2024

Department Commander Edward P. O’Brien, PCC

Department Order No. 1
Establishes DC O’Brien’s Headquarters

Department Order No. 1R
Corrects an e-mail error.

Department Order No. 2
Awards presented at Department encampment and banquet.

Department Order No. 3
All Checks and Cash turned over to Department Treasurer at the Encampment on Saturday, May 6, 2023.

Department Order No. 4
Announces the Awards presented at Encampment and Treasurer’s Report.

Department Order No. 5
Appoints the Department Encampment Committee.

Department Order No. 6
Appoints the National Encampment Exploratory Committee.

Department Communications

Department Communication No. 1
Regarding Funds from the raffle ticket fundraiser.

Department Communication No. 2
Announces effective May 2024, Brother Bob Pugsley,PDC will be leaving the office of NY Department Secretary.

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