Department Orders

Dept. of NY SUVCW Commander’s Gavel

Department Orders 2022 – 2023

Department Commander Jeffrey I. French, PDC

Department Order No. 1
Establishes DC French’s command of the Department of NY.

Department Order No. 2
Announces the 2022 Department encampment Summary.

Department Order No. 3
The appointment of the 2022-2023 Department encampment committee.

Department Order No. 4
Announces in accordance with the 139th NY Department Encampment vote by the attending brothers a
National Encampment Exploratory Committee to host a National encampment in 2026.

Department Order No. 5
Announces the Appointments of Co-Archivists for the office of Department Archivist.

Department Order No. 6
Brother Axel Ravera is appointed as the Department Patriotic Instructor replacing Brother Beirman.

Department Order No. 7
The Department Mid-year Zoom meeting will be on 9 October 2022 at 6 PM.

Department Order No. 8
Announces the Appointments of the scholarship feasibility committee in accordance with the Brothers vote at the Department Encampment May 2022.

Department Order No. 9
Announces the formation of the Department Fundraising Committee.

Department Order No.10 
Department Order No.10R (Revised)
Announces the creation of the Department Under 40 Working Group

Department Order No. 11
Announces the appointment of brothers to the GAR & SUVCW Artifacts & Property Committee

Department Order No. 12
Announces Department Patriotic Instructor taking over ROTC/JROTC Liasion Officer duties

Department Order No. 13
Announces that all Camp Commanders, Department Officers (elected and appointed),
and all Committees submit their reports to the Department Commander and Secretary NO LATER THAN 6 March 2023.

Department Communications

Department Communication No. 1
Gives a summary of the 2022 National Encampment for the Department of NY

Department Communication No. 2
Announces the date and venue of the 140th 2023 NY Department encampment 

Department Communication No. 3
Gives a recap of Communication Notice #2 plus an expanded discussion on the cost.

Department Communication No. 4
Provides background information for the increase of National Per Capita.

Department Communication No.5R
Announces the Department Vision Statement. 

Department Communication No. 6
Request for partnership with SUNY History Departments


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