Department Orders

Dept. of NY SUVCW Commander’s Gavel

Department Orders 2022 – 2023

Department Commander Jeffrey I. French, PDC

Department Order No. 1
Establishes DC French’s command of the Department of NY.

Department Order No. 2
Announces the 2022 Department encampment Summary.

Department Order No. 3
The appointment of the 2022-2023 Department encampment committee.

Department Order No. 4
Announces in accordance with the 139th NY Department Encampment vote by the attending brothers a
National Encampment Exploratory Committee to host a National encampment in 2026.

Department Order No. 5
Announces the Appointments of Co-Archivists for the office of Department Archivist.

Department Order No. 6
Brother Axel Ravera is appointed as the Department Patriotic Instructor replacing Brother Beirman.

Department Order No. 7
The Department Mid-year Zoom meeting will be on 9 October 2022 at 6 PM.

2022 Department Mid-Year Zoom Registration Form

Department Communications

Department Communication No. 1
Gives a summary of the 2022 National Encampment for the Department of NY

Department Communication No. 2
Announces the date and venue of the 140th 2023 NY Department encampment 

2022 Department Mid-Year Zoom Registration Form


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