Danny Wheeler, PC-in-C Lifetime Service Award

The Danny Wheeler, PC-in-C Lifetime Service Award, a medal, presented to a member or associate of the Allied Orders in the Department of New York, who has distinguished themselves through continuous meritorious service over a significant period of time that reaches beyond the Camp level to have an impact across the Department or beyond to the national or international level.
Except when automatically authorized it must be recommended by a Camp Commander or an elected Department Officer in writing to the Commander, Department of New York, SUVCW and be approved by the Department Council. The medal will automatically be authorized when a brother has served as an elected or appointed officer of the Department for a continuous period of 20 years or more or if a brother is awarded by the National C-in-C the Bud Atkinson Lifetime Achievement Award.
The medal shall be presented by the Department Commander at the Department Encampment except when disability or other excusable reason decided by the Department Commander exists.
The medal shall be awarded only once per individual and need not be awarded annually unless it is automatically authorized. In recognition of the significance of this award the winners of this award will have their names and the year of the award permanently listed on the Department website.


2023Danny Wheeler, PCinC
Jerry Orton, PDC
Robert Pugsley
2024Jeffrey Albanese, PDC