Isidore Isaacs

Isidore Isaacs was born in 1847 and enlisted in
the Civil War under the name of Theodore
Barwood in Co. F, 59th NY Volunteers on
November 30, 1861. He was discharged on
May 29, 1863 and reenlisted in Co. I, 12th NY
Cavalry on August 12, 1863. He was discharged
from the Cavalry on July 19, 1865.

He served as Dept. Commander of the GAR in
1921 was also a Co-Founder of the Hebrew War
Veterans which later changed its name to the
Jewish War Veterans. He was chosen to be Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief in 1919 when
Commander-in-Chief James David Bell of
Brooklyn died 60 days after being elected and
the Senior and Junior Vice Commanders-in-Chief where promoted.

He died February 18, 1924.

He son, Julius Isaacs, was born in 1876 and joined the Sons of Union Veterans in 1892. In 1918
he was appointed Honorary Colonel by Mayor Hylan to welcome home the troops from the war.
In 1927 he was appointed Adjutant General of the GAR in NYS. In 1928 he was elected
Department Secretary of the New York Department, Sons of Union Veterans, which he served as
until his death in 1953. In 1948 he was granted the title of Past Department Commander.

Bertram Isaacs, was born in 1909 and joined Oliver Tilden Camp #26, in 1925. During World
War II he served in the Civil Defense League. He was elected Department Secretary in 1953 and
served until 1974. In 1968 he was granted the title of Past Department Commander. He died in the
year 2002 – after 77 years of membership in the Sons of Union Veterans.

Bertram’s son, Lawrence, who now lives in Florida, served as Department Commander in 1970
and as Department Secretary from 1974 to 1981.

Letter from Bertram Isaacs and the Final Journal of the GAR, 1957.