Calvin Vincent

Truman Vincent was born July 26, 1847. At the
age of 16 he enlisted in the 109th New York

At the Battle of Spotsylvania his brother,
Ambrose, was shot down directly in front of him
and died in his arms. He was wounded in the
Battle of Cold Harbor and after three months in
the hospital at York, Pennsylvania, he was
detailed to the Veterans’ Reserves Corps where
he helped to train new troops.
He was on guard duty in Washington when
President Lincoln was assassinated and often
spoke of it. From there he was detailed by
General Sherman to Cincinnati as clerk to muster
out of the army.

For ten years he was Commander of Baldwin
Post, Elmira. He lived to the age of 91.

New York Department, W.R.C. Journal 1938.
Written by Louise Schoeneck, PDP