Allen C. Bakewell

Past Department Commander Bakewell was
born in Pittsburgh, Pa., the son of William and
Jane H. Bakewell.
In 1864, having hardly arrived at the age of
acceptance for army service, he enlisted as
Private in Battery A. Independent Battalion,
Pennsylvania Light Artillery.
After the close of the war he engaged in business
in the city of his birth in which he attained a
position of marked influence and success. In
1890 he removed to New York City and became
a member of LaFayette Post No. 140.
Comrade Bakewell was ever especially interested
in the work of patriotic instruction and did not
hesitate to devote al his means freely to the
promotion of that work. In 1898 Governor Black
appointed him on his military staff with the rank
of Lieutenant-Colonel and during that year
Colonel Bakewell visited the newly acquired
territory of Puerto Rico and distributed among
the schools established in that island 300
National flags of bunting in the name of
LaFayette Post No. 140 but at his own expense
of time and material.

During the years 1907 to 1915, he served continuously as Department Patriotic Instructor and the
circulars issued by him as Patriotic Instructor during the period are models to be followed.

He was elected Commander of the Department of New York in 1902. During his term as
Department Commander he devoted much time to encouraging an increase in membership of the
Grand Army throughout the Department and to promoting legislation for the good of the order.
He administration was notably efficient and acceptable.

His generous and warm nature, his affability, absence of ostentation in all his work, together with
his readiness to enter into everything which promised to contribute to the welfare of his comrade,
made him ever highly esteemed among his fellows.
Past Department Commander Allen Campbell Bakewell died at Merritt’s Island, Florida, on
March 13, 1919, aged 72 years. Comrade Bakewell had been in poor health for some time, but
his final passing was sudden.

Source: Journal of the 53rd Department Encampment, Grand Army of the Republic, 1919.
Submitted by: Lorraine Orton, Camillus, NY. PDP, Woman’s Relief Corps, Aux. to the GAR.