Albion NY GAR Hall

A unique opportunity presented itself in that a long forgotten GAR meeting room was recently brought to our attention. On May 2nd, 2009, Brothers Peter Braell, CC, Todd Shillington, PDC, Bruce Glaser, PCC and Bob Pugsley, PCC were allowed in to view the room. Our host was Michael Bonafede who is spearheading the restoration of this building named the Day and Day Building built in 1882 located at 116 North Main St, Albion and the adjoining Pratt Building that houses the Pratt Opera House. We found Mr Bonafede to be a most generous and delightful host. He is very interested in keeping the historical significance of the room. There may have to be some changes in the room to accommodate the Opera House next door but that would mean that the public would have to pass through the GAR room to get to the Opera house so the amount of exposure to the public would be significant. No one is certain which GAR Post or Posts met in this room, but there were three GAR Posts in Albion: Post 114 Curtis Bates, Post 114 Hiram Curtis and Post 633 Col William W. Bates. This is a treasure that bears closer research into its’ history and any efforts regarding its preservation and restoration. We would like to thank Brother Doug Mergler of Lincoln Camp #6 for bringing this historical treasure to our attention. Brother Doug is very active in promoting Civil War history to the surrounding community.