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Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
New York Department Orders No. 6
Series 2002-2003
Todd A. Shillington, Commander
15 Park Place
Holley, New York (e-mail)


1.      In this time of war, we once again find American Defenders of Liberty and Freedom in
harm’s way.  Among these are several New York Brothers who, as did their ancestors in
1861-1865, have answered the call to defend the United States of America.  We owe them
a debt of gratitude for their unselfish service.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them,
as we wish them a quick and safe return.

2.     The 120th New York Department Encampment will be held in Cortland, New York, on
June 6, 7 & 8, 2003.  The Encampment will be held in conjunction with those of our
Sisters of the Allied Orders of the G.A.R.  The Encampment will open on the evening of
Friday, June 6 with a joint Allied Orders Campfire program.   The SUVCW business
session will commence at 9:00 AM on Saturday, June 7, followed by a banquet in the
evening.  Activities will close with a joint Allied Orders memorial service at the G.A.R.
monument in Cortland, planned for Sunday, June 8.  For Encampment registration,
banquet, memorial service and yearbook information, please see The Volunteer, or the
New York Department webpage. You may make reservations by calling the Cortland
Holiday Inn directly at (607) 756-4431.  To receive the special guestroom rate of $79.00,
mention that you are a member of the Allied Orders when making your reservation.
I urge all to make reservations early, as there is expected to be a high demand for hotel
rooms this weekend.

3.     A reminder to Camps concerning the new Per Capita Tax amounts and procedures in reporting is in order:  As reported in The Volunteer, and outlined in the C-in-C's
General Orders No. 2, the amount due to the Department for each Member and Associate
is $22.00, to be paid in conjunction with the Annual Report no later than April 30, 2003.
For details, please see the letter from Department Secretary Harding sent to all Camp
Commanders and Secretaries.  As these changes are now part of National Regulations,
all Camps should review their By-Laws for compliance.

4.     I wish to call all Brothers’ attention to General Orders No. 11, in which is stated that
beginning May 1, 2003, the National Organization will reject any report or application
that is made on an obsolete form.  Please discard all old applications, and use only the
standard application available at the following internet address:
I realize that not everyone has a computer or internet access, but almost everyone knows
someone who does.  Most libraries have free internet access, and would assist Brothers
in obtaining the current application.  If none of these options is available to a Brother,
he may contact me for a current application.

5.     Pursuant to Department By-Laws Article IX, Section 2, please accept the abbreviated
versions of the Department Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports as follows:
     For the quarter ending 31 December 2002, the strength of the Department was
     569 Brothers in 14 Camps.  There is currently one new Camp completing its Charter
     application.  The finances of the Department recorded receipts of $4,339.61,
     disbursements of $4,035.41, leaving a balance in checking of $9,492.86.  Invest
     income continues to perform at levels less than hoped for in uncertain market
     conditions, but show signs of improvement.are now part of National Regulations,
     all Camps should review their By-Laws for compliance.

6.     For those of you who have attempted to contact me by e-mail, and received an address unknown message, I apologize.  My e-mail address change has not been a smooth transition.  Please take note of the new, but similar address above.


Ordered this 22nd day of March, 2003
Todd A. Shillington
Department Commander


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