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Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
New York Department Orders No. 1
Series 2002-2003
Todd A. Shillington, Commander
15 Park Place
Holley, New York (e-mail)


1.      Having been elected and installed Commander by the assembled delegates at the
119th Department Encampment at Waterloo, New York on 8 June 2002,
command is hereby assumed and headquarters established at the above address.
All correspondence requiring the attention of the Department Commander should
be sent to the above address.

2.      All business correspondence should be addressed to:
            Douglas M. Harding, Department
            452 West 22nd St., Apt. 5-A
            New York, NY 10011

3.       All bills and requests for payment should be sent to:
            William A. Christen, Department Treasurer
            12308 Williston Rd.
            Alden, NY 14004-9421

4.      All requests for Eagle Scout Certificates should be sent to:
            William F. Mason, Eagle Scout Certificate Coordinator
            3235 Emmons Ave., Apt.109
            Brooklyn, NY 11235

5.      In order that proper attention may be given to the needs of the Member
or his family, information about the ill and bereaved should be brought
to the attention of the Department Chaplain:
            R. Stuart Smith, Jr.
            1224 Rolfe St.
            Palmyra, NY 14522

6.      Pursuant to Department By-Laws Article IX, Section 2, please accept the
abbreviated versions of the Dept. Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports as follows:
        For the quarter ending 31 March 2002, the strength of the Department was
            532 Brothers in 16 Camps, three of which had made Charter applications,
            but not yet received their Charters.  The finances of the Department recorded
            ordinary income of $14, 949.50, and ordinary expenses of $14,271.48 for the
            fiscal year 2001-2002.  The largest sources of income were Per Capita Tax and
            grave marker sales revenue, while the largest expenses were Per Capita Tax
            paid to the National Organization and grave marker purchases.  Net Department
            income, including investment income, was $2194.18, against a projected deficit
            of $170.

7.      The confidence that my Brothers have shown in me is greatly appreciated.  I express
my thanks to those who supported me, and especially to the Brothers of the Lincoln
and Weber Camps.

8.      All Camps are reminded of their duties as prescribed by the Constitution and
Regulations (C&R) of our Order.  These duties include, but are not necessarily limited
to, timely submission of quarterly reports, elections and reporting thereof within the
specified time period, issuance of dues cards to Members in Good Standing, and
maintaining current by-laws that are not in conflict with the C&R.  Please make
yourself familiar with the C&R and Policies of the Order.  Doing so may prevent
problems, and allow us to concentrate on our mission of perpetuating the memory of
the deeds and sacrifices of the Union Soldier of 1861-1865.

9.      Our Order is founded on the principals of Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty.  Let us
always keep this foremost in our thoughts, especially when disagreements with
our Brothers arise.

10.  Membership enrollment and the number of Camps are on the rise.  Retaining Brothers
remains a problem, however.  Camps are encouraged to hold meetings of at least
monthly frequency, and to schedule activities in the community as often as possible.
If we give Brothers a reason to stay active with us, they will do so.

11.  All Brothers are requested to participate in the programs of the National Organization.
These include the locating and recording of Civil War Memorials, statues, and cannon;
the locating, recording and marking of Union Veteran’s graves; and the locating of G.A.R.
and S.U.V.C.W. records.  Please contact the appropriate Camp or Department Officer
or Committee Chairman to assist with these projects.

12.  All Brothers will soon be requested to contact their State Senator and Assemblyman to
promote legislation to help the Order in its mission of preserving the memory of the
Boys in Blue.  We hope to effect bills to protect their graves, monuments and memorial
cannon; to reaffirm the status of the G.A.R. Highway in New York; and to encourage
the preservation, restoration and display of the battleflags in the custody of the state.
Please be ready to contact your representatives when called upon to do so.

13.  I wish to announce the formation of a Special Committee to work with situations that
are arising with increasing frequency.  The G.A.R. & S.U.V.C.W. Property and Artifacts
Committee will react to the discovery of property that formerly belonged to the Orders,
and while applying National Policies, will recommend an action plan, should the
reacquisition of said property be determined to be in the best interest of the Order.  The
Committee will also recommend the proper and best way to store, display and make
available property for the Membership and the Public.   The Committee will consist of the
Department Counselor, Archivist, Civil War Memorials Chairman, Historian, and
Council Member Michael Bennett, PDC.

14.  My Department Commander’s calendar is already becoming quite full for the next
several months.  Please extend your invitations as early as possible to assist me in
filling my itinerary.  As many invitations as possible will be accepted, with grateful

15.  Camp Commanders are asked to bring problems to my attention by phone or by email
as soon as they appear on the horizon. Most problems are solved at the Camp level. If
there is a serious potential that the problem cannot be solved at this level, I wish to
know about it as it develops.


Submitted in Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty,


Todd A. Shillington, Commander
New York Department, SUVCW


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