Department Order #14


April 3, 2015

  1. At the 131st New York New York Department Encampment held on May 3, 2014, in Rochester, New York. A special Committee on Property and Artifacts made recommendations that were adopted by the membership at the Encampment.


  3. As Department Commander, I want to inform all Brothers of the New York Department that the department policies concerning the archives, records, artifacts collections adopted at the 131st New York Department Encampment on May 3, 2014, held in Rochester, New York are posted on our Department website for review.

  4. Reminder, our 132nd New York Department Encampment is fast approaching. The deadline for our discount Group rate is April 10, 2015. Reserve your room now and directly with the hotel. Don't forget to mention SUV for our Group Rate. Holiday Inn, 232 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY. Phone: (518) 584-4550 Fax: (518) 580-1924. On line reservations and more details on the encampment is posted on the Internet at:

  5. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's USS Monitor National Marine Sanctuary (NOAA), The Greenpoint Monitor Museum (Museum) and Oliver Tilden Camp #26 Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) have been working together since 1997 to  keep alive the memory  of  the Civil  War ironclad USS Monitor in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where the USS Monitor  was  built.  The Museum received its New York  State Charter from the Board of Regents of  the University  of  the  State of  New  York in 1996.  Although without a Museum building at this time, in 2003 land was donated  to  the Museum  along the launch site of the USS Monitor in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

  6. At this time NOAA is establishing a USS Monitor Trail marking the locations of historic importance to the USS Monitor.

  7. On January 28, 2015, Department Order #9, number 9, "NOAA assigned The Greenpoint Monitor Museum to assist them in locating historic sites throughout New York State that have a USS Monitor connection to be considered for additional USS Monitor Trail Markers. Oliver Tilden Camp #26, SUVCW, will also provide input in finding possible historic locations to place USS Monitor Trail Markers."

  8. On Friday, May 29, 2015, NOAA will be unveiling a USS Monitor Trail Marker on the Museum's land in Greenpoint at the Bushwick Inlet and the East River.  The USS Monitor was built and launched along this site. This is a historic waterfront event for Greenpoint, Brooklyn and New York in that NOAA is creating a trail  linking the  historic sites of the  USS Monitor in New York,  Virginia, North Carolina.  The first marker has already been placed in Beaufort, North Carolina at the North Carolina Maritime Museum.  This location is near Duke University's Marine Lab.  It was Duke University’s research team that discovered the USS Monitor in 1973. Cathryn Newton, a member of this team, is a professor at Syracuse University.  She will be one of the Exhibitors at the May 29, 2015  event. After the unveiling of the marker at the museum’s site, there will be a History Fair at the new Brooklyn Expo Center which is just 2 blocks away from the site. Notice of the upcoming event is posted on the Internet.

So ordered this 3rd day of April 2015
George J. Weinmann, PCC
Department Commander, Department of New York, SUVCW

Robert Pugsley, PDC
Department Secretary
Department of New York, SUVCW

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