Department Order #1


May 7, 2014

  1. To all the Brothers of the Department of New York, SUVCW who attended the 131st Encampment in Rochester, NY. I want to extend my appreciation for all your support in electing me NY Department Commander. Thank you for having confidence in me to hold this high office. I will do my best to continue the correct path that was laid down by former commanders.

  2. The headquarters of the Department shall be transferred to 55 Jewell St. Brooklyn, New York 11222-3507. All correspondence to the commander should be mailed the that address. Phone communications can be made to 917-832-9999 and email at

  3. All Department and Camp officers are reminded to review the Department Bylaws and the Constitution and Regulations of the Order. Make sure that you summit your reports on time and be familiar with your job responsibilities.

  4. By the authority vested in me as Department Commander, I reappointed Donald G. Zeilman as the Department Signals Officer and the Editor of the Department Newsletter "The Volunteer". The Newsletter will be published at least three times a year. The Newsletter will be published on the Department Website on or about August 1, on or about December 1, on or about April 1 in accordance to the Department Bylaws. Please send him your camp newsletters, stories, camp activities or news articles that can be used for the newsletter. Remember this is your newsletter! His email address is His mailing address is 1104 Success Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212.

So ordered this 7th day of May 2014
George J. Weinmann, PCC
Department Commander, Department of New York, SUVCW

Robert Pugsley
Department Secretary
Department of New York, SUVCW

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