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Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
New York Department Order No. 14
Series 2004-2005
Dale Theetge, Commander
3046 Center Road
Ovid, NY 14521 


14. With the growing problem of losing G.A.R. cannon to unscrupulous Pennsylvanians it
is imperative that we as an organization endeavor to inventory and account for all these
cannon in our great state. With that in mind I charge each camp to audit the cannon in your
area and make a written report to the Commander on their condition and location.
I also strongly suggest that you visit whatever entity would be in control of the cannon and
foreworn them about the chance that they would be approached about selling. Offer to
them the chance to check in with the Sons of Union Veterans if that should happen,
pointing out that we can at least establish a proper value on such cannon and advise them
on whether a con is being perpetrated.
A complete listing of cannon and place will be available to any that want at Encampment
or you can request from the Commander by mail





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